Zumba FAQ’s

1) What is Zumba?

Zumba is an aerobic fitness program created by Miami-based dancer and choreographer Beto Perez.  It is inspired by Latin dance.  Zumba is Spanish slang for "to move fast and have fun"

2) What should I wear to a Zumba class?

Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for exercise that allows freedom of movement and preferably fabrics that wick the moisture away from your body.  Most importantly, shoes should be comfortable with plenty of cushion and lateral support. You may find that running shoes or cross trainers may have too much tread to allow for side-to-side movement. Lesser-tread athletic shoes such as Puma, Nike, Adidas may be preferable. We do not recommend bare feet or sock-feet for class due to lack of support and safety concerns!

3) What Should I Take To A Zumba Class?

A towel and water bottle.

4) Do I have to be fit to attend Zumba?

No, you don’t have to be fit – you’ll find you will do what you can do and as you get fitter (which you will if you attend regularly) you’ll be able to push yourself more.  We do advise however that if you have any health problems or concerns, you contact your health professional for advice before attending.

5) What are the benefits of Zumba?

 Prepare to sweat! Zumba will get your heart pumping and increase your endurance - you'll have more energy and burn fat. The moves will work your core (abs, back and hips) to strengthen and define them. Besides the physical benefits, Zumba is a "feel good" workout, not a dreaded chore - the music is motivating and fun, you'll leave happy!

6) What If I Don’t Have Any Rhythm and can’t Dance?

You don’t have to be able to dance to take part in a Zumba Class. The dance steps are basic steps and are easy to learn. As an instructor, I start slowly and then pick up the tempo as the class catches on to the steps. As long as you are moving and having fun, you are doing well!

7) Is Zumba good for weight loss?

 Zumba seems to be an optimal fitness choice, mixing cardio intervals with resistance training. Many experts believe that an interval/resistance combination maximises caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning. Zumba mixes effective body sculpting movements with easy-to-follow, fun dance steps. People seem to forget about working out during a Zumba session, allowing them to exercise longer, and burn even more calories.

8) Am I too old to attend Zumba?

Zumba is suitable from 16 to whatever age you are!  You’re never too old!  However, if you have any injuries or medical conditions, you must seek medical advice before attending a class.

9) How long are the Zumba classes?

Zumba classes are 45 - 60 minutes in duration.

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